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The Cybertech Forum for the Airport and Aviation Industry

Airports around the world have become victim to large and small-scale attacks–both physical and also in the cyber realm. As an industry highly reliant on Information Technology and communications, the aviation industry is a frequent point of attack for malicious actors.

In this seminar, stakeholders will discuss the multiple vulnerable points found within the aviation industry, and the essential role of cyber when formulating a comprehensive security strategy for airports. This insightful session will focus primarily on threats to the civilian aviation industry–from securing the integrity of world’s largest air hubs to protecting individual flyer data.  

Join us as we learn about cyber and its impact within the aviation space.

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The session is open to all attendees with relevant conference credentials
Participation is subject to final approval.


Aviation Cyber Posture & opening

Roee Laufer, Head of Cyber and Information Security, Israel Airport Authority 

Cyber Intelligence - from Strategy to Tactics

Ami Tsarfati, Head of IAA Cyber Defense Center

Airlines’ Cyber Challenge - a National Perspective

Dvir Rubinstein, Ministry of Transportation, ASOC

Civil aviation cyber threats

Tom Alexandrovich, Head of Aviation Guidance Departmentת Israel National Cyber Directorate