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Dave Burg is a principal in PwC’s U.S. Advisory practice and PwC Global Cybersecurity Leader. He assists clients in reactive and proactive consulting capacities involving the deployment of information technology solutions and their use. Mr. Burg is responsible for helping corporate clients, law firms, and the US Government, in matters involving cybercrime investigations, complex data correlation/analysis, and various business transformation or operational initiatives. He is based in PwC’s office in McLean, VA. Mr. Burg leads a variety of engagements, including work in connection with a number of significant sensitive data breaches or intellectual property thefts for clients in a number of industries. He has also worked with a global company to assess and then improve its information security program; investigated a very large system outage to assess causative factors; and led cybersecurity forensic teams which responded to compromises into infrastructure that led to greater than $20 million in unauthorized cash withdraw activity. He has lectured at NYU’s Stern School of Business, Georgetown University, and Penn State University. Mr. Burg regularly contributes to and has been quoted in a variety of business and industry journals, including The Wall Street Journal CIO Journal, The Wall Street Journal Risk & Compliance Journal, Financial Times, SC Magazine, CSO magazine, and Consulting magazine. He has presented a wide range of topics at global corporations, law firms, industry events, and government agencies. Mr. Burg holds an MBA from the College of William and Mary and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.